Epoxy underlay

Epoxy C-801 is underlay plastic based on resonant reaction of PU. Quality of epoxy plastic is very good if solidified on wet surface and low temperature; good compatibility with hard and elastic epoxy plastics. In low temperatures, it is very good connectivity . after solidified, high antiseepage film and strong in chemicals.


  1. Under low temperature, excellent hardening.
  1. Under humidity, excellent hardening adhesive.
  2. Excellent chemicals resistance, Excellent waterproof and organic solvent.
  3. Physical property is tested according to ASTM C109, C348.
  4. Chemical resistance is observed by 7 days socaking in 25oC.


Description                                   Main Agent C-801A            Hardener C-801B

Appearance                                       Transparent                Yellow brown color

Viscosity (BH type 25oC CPS)               75 ± 20                            2500 ± 200

Specific gravity (g/cm3)                    0.95 ± 0.02                          0.98 ± 0.02

Match ratio                                               5                                           1

Time used min.                                      120

Hardening time required hr.                 4hr


Main Agent C-801A: 15kg/can

Hardener C-801B: 3kg/can



  • Mixxing carefully componant A (C-801A) and B (C-801B) as the rate.
  • Mixxing by hand with small quantity, mixxing by machines with big quantity.
  • Using roller or brush to paint evenly for primer absorbing to construction substrate .
  • It’s must be ventilation when doing and finishing construction for quickly drying of coating and high gloss. (If the ventilation is not good, it will occur a white layer on the surface, it will be dry when painting and the coating is also very long drying.
  • Not doing construction when moisture is over 8%.
  • When mixing two components A and B, it must be used up after 30-45 minutes.
  • Customers will not be warranted if not complying with the technical requirements.
  • Drying time of surface : 3-6 hours (depending on weather moisture).