POLYUREA is elastic coating formed of Isocyanate and amino acid. Principal properties are corrosion resistant, waterproof and abrasion resistance.

Corrosion test has been shown that spraying 1 SPUA coating layer to the surface of the steel plate (thickness 0.13-0.14mm), hoar resistant time can last over 5000 hours.






1. Flexibility, high strength, chemical resistant, duration can be up to 10 ~ 20 years

2. Continuous coating without joint point, superior protection features.

3. Non-toxic, non-polluting environment.

4. Bright colors, can be color as customer’s demand.

5. Fast construction. There are 3 ~ 4 people with 1 machine for 1000m2 / day. 15 ~ 20 times faster than traditional construction.






• Basement, swimming pool, roof waterproof, waste water treatment equipment.

• Hospital, food factories, cold storage, medical workshop, parking station.

• Bridges, ports and pipelines.

• Chemical resistant tanks, vessels, drilling rigs.