House Waterproof Design

Waterproof construction for apartment should base on constructed material’s properties, important level, requirement of use function to separate appropriate waterproof levels for apartment, to define expiry date in waterproof, to define how many waterproof layers, what kinds of material and its depth.


1.      Waterproof design for apartment should base on constructed material’s properties, important level, requirements of use functions to find out waterproof level. Through a large number of the realistic constructions in some years nearly, e.g. high building constructions used high price waterproof materials will advance very much in creating the price of house construction, this will be waste for other meanings. If the important and advanced constructions are used cheap waterproof materials, it is difficult to satisfy use functional requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to define exactly waterproof level for house, define the difference about expiry date of waterproof layers, define requirement of constructional design and choose the appropriate waterproof materials.

  1. Considering specific weather conditions in Viet Nam, its feature is wet, much rain, high temperature, a long summer… For different waterproof measures for house, having different adjustment for waterproof depends on regulations of designing requirements with expiry date between waterproof layers and choosing materials. This has a very large meaning for minimizing expenses in repairing, maintenance and decreasing general cost price.
  2. Basing on researched result, we find out that outside wall of house’s balcony and rooftop are high absorbable positions, frequently mistake in waterproof design for house. Normally, everyone think that this is not one of positions needing to waterproof. Because waterproof design is not good or general deforming action after used makes to split open, rainy water will be through the chap to absorb into inside surface, go through the waterproof layer to break into inside room. Therefore, outside wall of house’s balcony and rooftop need to be treated waterproof and base on specific situation, condition to define the waterproof designing method and choose material.
  3. The effect of ground treating agent creates osmosis and impregnation for adhesive surface to increase adhesive between sealants and adhesive agents together. It can also seals surface of concrete and cement sand mortar for avoiding absorbing of alkaline agents and water from inside through outside. When choosing material, need to consider dramatic of correlation between sealants and other chemical structures and a good adhesive with other adhesive agents.