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Spray Polyurea Elastomer (Spua)

Spray Polyurea Elastomer (Spua)

Polyurea product with superior physical property is a material of environmental protection with properties of non-solvent, non-pollution.

Besides, it has equipped with rapid and easy construction for the work. As this material has excellent physical performance, it is a flexible

protection membranes and available to coat on the surface with high physics, superior wear-resistant, and superior solvent-resistant.


–  Waterproof-basement, water tank, central gardening, water pool, swimming pool, bathroom,flower platform, roof waterproof, and reservoir, etc. the waterproof construction engineering inside the buildings.

–  Ground foundation-Technology plant, hospital, food factory, pharmacy, shopping mall, parking lot, dust-free room (wall surface of dust-free room), etc. infrastructure material.

–  Civil construction-road, bridge, buttresses, tunnel, yard, piping, steel tube, etc. waterproof, rust-resistant, and anti-corrode coating

–  Chemical-anti-acid/base tank, trash buying, wastes disposal ground, wastewater treatment facilities, and ship steel plate.

–  Decoration-Tools or property, background/scenery, ceiling, water amusement facilities, etc. anti-impact/shock protective materials.



–  Special superior wear-resistance, excellent anti-rupture, and high waterproof, and anti-chemicals.

–  Drying time is about 8 seconds, walking 20 minutes within 24 hours to display its property.

–  Available for continuous spraying over vertical surface, bevel/rake surface, and top surface, and it never causes a dropping. One time construction without seam, and one-piece forming to shorten the time for construction.

–  When construction, it is never affected by outside temperature and humidity, and can be solidified under environmental temperature of -25oC.

–   It can resist against high temperature 120oC.,and low temperature -43oC.. Besides, within a short time and under high temperature 250oC.,it never causes for cracking, and melting, etc.

–   100% solidified component, it contains no organic solvent, poison-less, to meet the requirement of environmental protection.

–   Excellent weather-resistant, anti-violet ray, good adhesive, never aging and cracking.

– Corrosion test results showed that SPUA steel surface coating material (thickness 0.13-0.14mm) salt pray resistance time of up to 5,000 hours or more.

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